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Hedgehog Party Embroidery Kit
Hedgehog Party Embroidery Kit
Hedgehog Party Embroidery Kit
Hedgehog Party Embroidery Kit
Hedgehog Party Embroidery Kit
Poplush Embroidery

Hedgehog Party Embroidery Kit

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Tiny hats and confetti always bring out the party animals. These hedgehogs do leave the cleaning up to others though. 

Our Hedgehog Party embroidery kit includes:

  • Embroidery needle
  • 8” embroidery hoop
  • Cotton fabric pre-printed with the pattern
  • Embroidery thread
  • A stitch guide
  • Instructions for how to finish your kit for display

Our kits include everything you need to start and finish the project. No late night trips to the craft store for you! 

We print all of our designs on the fabric in color, so there’s no guesswork. And we give you full skeins of thread, so you always have more than enough. Best of all, our kit papers expand to teach you the stitches. This way you can start sewing as soon as you open your kit, even if you’ve never stitched before and you’re at the beach with no cellphone service.

The finished kit measures 8” in diameter. 

About PopLush Embroidery

We believe that Harry Potter should be required reading, that novelty socks should be daily apparel, and, above all, that embroidery should be as kick-ass as you are.

Because why compromise on what you want to create? At PopLush Embroidery, we’re all about narwhals, neon lights, and roller derby.

Now, we should warn you, our bold kits are addicting. Seriously, your walls will soon be full of eye-catching embroidery. But, hey, that’s cool. That’s what walls were made for: to show off your best stuff.

So put on your crafting pants because this is your invitation to sew something legendary.

What makes our kits so awesome?

Well, when you notoriously flunk your grandmother’s sewing lessons like our founder did, you make sure you design approachable embroidery kits. We don’t want anyone else going through the frustration or embarrassment Megan felt when her French knots turned into rats’ nests and her grandma had to pull out her biggest scissors to chop through the mess.

So how do we make them approachable? For starters, we print the pattern on the fabric in color so there’s no guesswork about what color thread goes where. We give you full skeins of embroidery floss so you don’t run out and have to run to the craft store late at night. And then, even better, we teach you the stitches with our kit papers so you can become a pro in minutes. 


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